List of Services we are offering to our Customers!

Service – 1
1) Google Maps & Google my Business site Reg.
2) Facebook Business Page Reg.
3) Twitter Handle Business Reg.
4) Instagram Business Reg.
5) Pinterest Business Reg.
6) RBL Business Listing Reg with 10 products/Quarter (Vendor need to be GST Compliance)
7) Payment Gateway Link for selling your Products or Services all over India
8) youtube Promotion Videos
9) Whatsapp Group Marketing
10) Club Factory Registration (Vendor need to be GST Compliance)
This all above Service-1 is at one time Price of 900/- only

Service – 2
Own Brand Basic eCommerce website development,
Own Brand website with android mobile app and ios app,
We can make it within month’s time as per customer requirement.
Charges would be Quotation base as per customer requirement.

Service -3
Local SMS marketing, a mobile number can be provided as per Pin code,
or client can provide their own customer database

Service -4
Email Marketing, email id’s database would be provided by us,

Product -5
Digital Marketing post updating Job, for marketing your store offers, on facebook, google, Instagram, Twitter,
All above Product-5 marketing would be quotation base as we need to know the frequency of the post require from the client

Service -6
Facebook ads marketing
Instagram influencer marketing
Google adwords marketing
All above product-6 marketing would be quotation base,
there are 2 separate charges involved,
ads charges from the respective site and our charges both would be separate

Service -7
Facebook Marketplace Registration
Amazon Seller Registration
Flipkart Seller Hub Registration
Paytm Seller Registration
Club Factory Seller Registration
All above Product no 7, Vendor need to be GST Compliance

Service -8
Facebook Marketplace Seller Account Management
Amazon Seller Account Management
Flipkart Seller Account Management
Paytm Seller Account Management

Service -9
Your Brand, You tube Channel for Marketing your Products, and Operation and channel management

Service -10
GST Registration one time Charges would be 999/- & Return Filing Charges would be Quotation Base,
Since Charges would be applicable on total number of bills & Amount need to be uploaded Online on GST Portal